Workshop: Money & Covid-19

Next Workshop:Money & Covid-19Tues. 10/27 at 11am Covid reminds us about the importance of having emergency savings. But for many of us an emergency savings account seems like an impossible goal. Most people I know are saying, "Hey, I'm just trying to make sure my bills are paid!" While an emergency savings account is a... Continue Reading →

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First Workshop Fall 2020

First Fall 2020 Workshop:October 15, 2-3pm As a first gen college student myself, one of the biggest shockers (and biggest mistakes made) when I got to college was with the financial aid refund.  I had no idea what it was and I knew even less about what I was supposed to do with the money... Continue Reading →

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Cal-SOAP is hiring 45 College Success Coaches!

The California Student Opportunity and Access Program (Cal-SOAP) in Riverside is hiring Cal-Grant eligible college students to serve as College Success Coaches to middle and high school students. The job will be remote until school's reopen (YAY!)Once open, you'll be assigned to one of the middle or high school campuses in Hemet USD, Moreno Valley... Continue Reading →

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Choose Your Weekend Adventure!

5 ways to spend your 3-day weekend and keep money in your pocket too! For those of you who’ve been working all summer, I’m sure you’re ready for this much needed 3-day weekend.  For those who kicked back, this might be your last hurrah before school gets back in swing (which is happening soon BTW)!... Continue Reading →

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“Are you Me?” The Equifax Data Breach and Protecting Your Identity

Everywhere you look someone is telling you to protect your identity. “I’m a unique one-of-a-kind individual,” you think to yourself, “how can I be confused with anyone else?” Unfortunately we’re not talking about your award-winning, one-of-a-kind personality. We’re talking about those special little numbers linked to your individual identity. The numbers that are used to... Continue Reading →

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How to Use Your Refund

Hey Highlanders! In the last few weeks I've discussed how to read and understand your cost of attendance, approach student loans and determine your net costs. I find it important that you also know how financial aid refunds work and have some structure about the correct ways to use them! Let's begin. Your Financial Aid Can Generate... Continue Reading →

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Understanding Student Loans

Like grants, student loans are a component of your financial aid award created to help you cover your educational expenses. Sometimes, the process of accepting, receiving and understanding the terms of your student loan can be overwhelming - especially for first-time borrowers - so I'm here to make this process more clear. Loan Types: Federal... Continue Reading →

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Understanding Your Award

The time has finally come. Throughout the next few weeks continuing undergrads will finally begin to see their 2019-2020 academic year financial aid awards. At this time, most incoming and continuing students should have an award to view. The purpose of this award series will therefore serve to help you understand how to read all... Continue Reading →

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Summer Vacay on a Budget

Happy Summer Highlanders! Congratulations on your hard work this year 🙂 As you begin your summer, hopefully you find a way to decompress, enjoy the warm summer sun, and chill with ice cold drinks. In today's post, I will give you some ideas for ways to have fun this summer WHILE keeping money in your... Continue Reading →

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The Sun, The Sand, and Money in My Hand

Welcome to Summer 2019 HIGHLANDERS! As you begin to make plans for the summer, here are some budgeting tips to help you keep some money in your pocket. For Summer Students: If you're taking summer classes, make sure you actively check your RWEB for messages or updates on registration, student accounts and financial aid. Most... Continue Reading →

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Budgeting Methods You Should Try

Hello Highlanders! Summer is here and while Riverside may be melting during these months, we found a way to keep busy in the air conditioned rooms. To help control our spending, we can learn how to budget and stick to it. Here are different ways you can budget. You may want to try several of... Continue Reading →

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In it to win it!

Hi! Do you know how to search for scholarships at UCR? UCR offers scholarships to three different categories of students. They offer scholarships to prospective/incoming/ and transfer students as well as current undergraduate students and current graduate students. If you fall under any of these categories and are searching for a reliable source to apply... Continue Reading →

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Know What You Owe via ZOOM, Spring 2020

Trying to figure out if you should take out student loans? ------- Need help understanding the loans you've taken out? ------- Graduating and want to understand how repayment works? In this zoom workshop, we will walk you through all of these questions and more. Understanding your student doesn't have to be confusing or overwhelming.  Join... Continue Reading →

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